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The Rotiki game has been released on all Soft2Bet casinos as of June 23. The official release date is 7/14/2022.

Play’n GO is a software developer that has developed a variety of grid slots throughout the years, including the popular Reactoonz. The company clearly has experience with these kinds of games, as they have included a wide variety of mathematical and feature combinations. They added a new grid space to the collection to appeal to a different demographic. What’s the word… for gamers looking for something softer? Rotiki is the name of the game, and it is a slot machine with a Pacific Island theme that offers cluster payouts, respins, and a Treasure Room extra round.

In the centre of the screen, a gaming panel takes up more real estate than normal, surrounded by torches and stacks of mask-like objects, with hills, trees, and a smoking volcano in the backdrop. The music is driven by rhythmic drumming, and activating the towers on both sides of the grid results in a chanting voice effect. Rotiki’s pile of rock symbols were formidable at first glance, and they practically beckoned you to come and crush them.

You may play Rotiki on any of your devices, and the coin values range from 5 pence to 100 pounds or euros every spin. When you hit spin, 48 symbols will fall into a 6-column, 8-row gaming area, with the goal of making winning combinations of 5 or more matching symbols in either the vertical or horizontal axis. Instead of a cascade, early victories activate a respins feature.

With regards to the icons, the base game payouts consist of four low-paying theme icons and four high-paying masks. Regular clusters of five symbols pay out at 0.2x to 1x the wager, while the maximum payout for getting 48 symbols in a row is 20x to 100x the wager.

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After a successful spin, you get three further chances to win. While the other symbols rotate, the winning ones remain fixed. During the respins, any winning symbols that appear are likewise frozen in place. If all the spaces in a row are filled with winning symbols, you get three free spins.

If a win includes a wild symbol, the wilds will continue to spin after the respin feature has ended. They might end up as wilds or transform into Hanumi or Whakarei when the reels stop turning. With Hanumi, all the interconnected clusters of symbols are merged into a single cluster with the maximum possible value. Whakarei, on the other hand, changes the mask symbol in the cluster at random. After this has occurred, the victory may be assessed.

Treasure Chest

Covering the whole grid with winning symbols unlocks the Treasure Room extra game. The goal of the bonus is to amass the largest potential multiplier. Players make their selections by clicking on individual cells in a grid. When a square is clicked, either a blank, an additional 5 choices, an additional 1 to the multiplier, or the Special symbol (maximum multiplier of x10) is revealed. When all picks are used up or the Special icon is found, the round is over. Then, the multiplier accumulated during the feature is applied to the winning total before entering the Treasure Room bonus.

Judgment Rotate: Slot

We discovered this ‘article’ on a parody site when looking for the origin of the name Rotiki. It referred to Rotiki as “the poor man’s Hawaii,” a place where tourists may acquire free shells and possibly encounter the island’s curiously aggressive crab. Reading it made us feel like we were being punched, and there were instances in Rotiki the slot where we thought the same thing. At least, it did at first, until we’d taken a close look at the payout schedule. How should one react to winning a cluster covering more than half of an 8×6 game grid but receiving just 2x the bet?

Getting the most out of Rotiki necessitates a shift in perspective. Don’t bother hoping for insanely lengthy continuous cascading wins or massive cluster rewards. However, even when practically every place on the grid is covered by winning symbols, the winnings from re-spins might be surprisingly modest. When many types of winning symbols were employed to cover a large portion of the board, this was the case. The overall grid win value our first trip through the Treasure Room bonus was 2.4 times the stake.

Rotiki is distinct from other games in many ways, and its originality may appeal to certain players. Filling the grid and progressing to The Treasure Room became somewhat of a personal challenge once we got over the first shock of its incredibly low payoff values. There was some strange allure to the task at hand. Knowing that the odds of winning Rotiki’s jackpot are so low (1 in 21,541) may contribute to the game’s addictive quality. Unfortunately, the truth sets in when you learn that you can only win a maximum of 1,000 times your initial wager, which, although disappointing, is still reasonable for a game of this type.

Play’n GO is well-versed in the art of developing grid-based slot machines, and their games have redefined the field on several occasions. That absolves them to some extent from responsibility for Rotiki, and suggests that certain actors were in mind during production. Those who are attracted to Rotiki should enjoy the special kind of adventure it offers. Perhaps someone else will find this as befuddlingly humorous as we did.






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